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Live like you own the Earth

Live like you own the EarthLive like you own the EarthLive like you own the Earth

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Thank you for your support and contributions as we face the global COVID-19 pandemic and National Emergency declaration by President Donald Trump. The National State of Emergency caused by COVID-19 resulting in forward looking uncertainty and disruption to global travel has caused A☆List Travel Club to make the difficult decision to continue operating, while adhering to state/local mandated safety protocols. We have decided to cancel any event reservations up to May 31, 2020. Becausebof the private, one-on-one nature of our business will will be able to continue to provide Private Flight and On-Demand Concierge Service Requests.

As the world awaits the easing of domestic travel and commercial restrictions within the United States of America, we have decided it is in the best interest of our Company, Clients and Employees to accept confirmed event reservations for dates after June 1, 2020. We take the safety of our Clients, Employees, and Community very seriously and will operate specifically on a verified essential need basis. With your support, we will continue to meet our goals and improve conditions. 

We have decided to raise funds to provide gthe Young Men & Women of America, who have to involuntarily sacrifice their High School Graduations with a Special Grad-Night on the trip to Disneyland during Your continued support will ensure The A☆List Travel Club will be able to stay alive through this global pandemic. 

We look forward to giving you the absolute best of Las Vegas this Summer and through to the foreseeable future.

Peace, Prosperity and Good Health,

James Houston II


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